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We are the Holts, Co-Founders of Best Life - Life Coaching.  We are a dynamic couple with very diverse skills sets.   But we have two very important things in common.  

First, we each have more than 20 years of corporate and entrepreneurial success.  I have worked in Corporate America since 1992. Brandon has had several successful small businesses, but his greatest accomplishment was a transportation logistics business he grew from concept to over 6 million dollars a year in gross sales in under 3 years.  

The second thing we have in common we both find satisfaction in helping others.  At a recent event we attended someone labeled us, "do-gooders" and our response was, "We've definitely been called worse!"  It is our mission and desire to share our experiences, expertise, knowledge and life lessons to support and elevate others to achieve their goals.

Brandon is a transformational life coach and Shelley wrote her first book Ready.Set.Connect in 2015.  Their clients are people from all walks of life who want to enjoy life, and not just endure it!

Your possibilities are endless. You can be whatever you want to be. Your goals and dreams are achievable.  Move forward today to be your best self!

Everyone could use a little support sometimes.  It's not a sign of weakness. Seeking support is a natural part of life. Each person has gifts to share.  We want to share our gifts to help you be your best for a joyful and rich lifenot tomorrow… TODAY!

Key Success Factors


Believe in yourself.  You are most likely the biggest obstacle in the way of achieving your dreams and living out your passions.

See where you stand based on your habits today

See where you stand based on your habits today


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See where you stand based on your habits today


See where you stand based on your habits today

Best Life - Life Coaching