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To  transform yourself requires you to identify your personal gaps.  Take a minute to focus in on your body, mind and finances and learn more about yourself.

Here is my confession -- I'm 43 years old and I've lived most of it unhealthy.  Because of my own poor choices I got up to 250 pounds, had a heart attack and was diabetic.  I was even ok with sticking myself with insulin needles and taking Metformin -- a terrible medicine that upsets your stomach!  I had a successful transportation logistics company, but with that success came stress triggering many bad habits that led to me being unhealthy and unhappy.    

​In 2012 I met my wife Shelley and we are on a wonderful journey together.  Part of that journey is getting healthy.  Shelley is a gerontologist, which is an expert in aging.  Once she told me that there is a pretty good chance we will live well into 80's and that our lifestyle choices were more important than our genetics, I knew it was time to get serious.  I love my wife and want to live a long, healthy, fun, joyous life together. 

We were fortunate to be introduced to Take Shape for Life (TSFL) - a program not just about getting physically healthy, but looking at health, finances and spirituality (however you might define that)​​

Becoming a certified health coach for TSFL gives me a powerful tool to use with clients who are focused on creating optimal wellness.  I'd love to share more about my personal journey and success, and help you to achieve your dreams today!